Welcome to Petrona Remembered

MaxineThis site celebrates the memory of Maxine Clarke who, among the many roles she undertook in her life, was a passionate advocate of intelligent crime fiction. So far-reaching was her influence upon the genre’s readers, writers and fans that members of the crime fiction community have come together to build a permanent online tribute to Maxine following her death late in 2012.

Our first aim is to develop a resource for current and future fans of the genre and we want you to help us. We’re asking writers, bloggers, readers, translators and anyone else who loves a crime or mystery novel to send us a submission about that book. It can be a a review, a pitch, a love letter, a poem or, a video. Or something else entirely. Each week we’ll post a new submission and, over time, this site will become a jumping off point to a world of much-loved crime fiction.

Please do take a moment to read more about Maxine and how to make a submission to this site or, if you already know which book you want to tell us, and the world, about drop us a line. You do not need to be a blogger or writer or even have known Maxine to participate here, you do need to love at least one crime or mystery novel and be willing to share your thoughts with us all.

We’ll start publishing your submissions in March 2013 and we thank you in advance for helping to create what we hope will be a terrific resource as well as a fine tribute.



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