Have you shared your favourite crime novel yet?

Over the past four months crime fiction lovers have shared their favourite crime novels here at Petrona Remembered in honour of Maxine Clarke, a passionate crime fiction fan and promoter of great conversation about the genre who passed away late last year.

Some people love classics like

  • Ian Fleming‘s CASINO ROYALE which Ayo Onatade described as “…an edge of your seat quest combined with sex and intrigue…there is also a sense of indulgence and excitement all the way through the book
  • Nicolas Freeling‘s LOVE IN AMSTERDAM which Ann Cleeves sums up as “…short, intense and compelling”,
  • Francis IslesMALICE AFORETHOUGHT which, as Martin Edwards points out, has one of the best openings you could hope to read

It was not until several weeks after he had decided to murder his wife that Dr. Bickleigh took active steps in the matter. Murder is a serious business. The slightest step may be disastrous. Dr. Bickleigh had no intention of risking disaster.

Others have found recently released novels which have already left a mark including

  • Nicci French‘s THE MEMORY GAME about which blogger Suzi said “It wasn’t the best crime fiction book I’d ever read but the characters really came alive…these protagonists were like me! Well not exactly like me because I’ve never been caught in the middle of a psychological thriller, but it COULD be me”
  • Alison Gordon‘s PRAIRIE HARDBALL which Bill Selnes loves because it is the best mystery set in his home province of Saskatchewan
  • Mari Strachan‘s THE EARTH HUMS IN B FLAT which Laura Root describes as “a touching, atmospheric novel…that neatly conveys the claustrophobic atmosphere of a small Welsh village…it defies simple categorisation, touching on mystery, madness, growing up, and the lies and ties that bind”.

Others still have fallen in love with some of the translated crime novels of the kind that Maxine was such a staunch supporter of including

  • Asa Larsson‘s UNTIL THY WRATH BE PAST which Barbara Fister thinks shows the author “really hitting her stride…she has given us a cast of characters we have come to know and care about, a setting that is vivid, a ghostly young woman who has a grounded, earthy reality, and a compelling story that explores Sweden’s troubling relationship with Nazi Germany“,
  • Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom‘s THE BEAST which Ali Karim took personally as he shows when sharing “what The Beast did was challenge my bleeding-heart-liberal values system. It made me think about the question: What would I be capable of doing, should a predatory pedophile commit the unthinkable act of murdering my offspring?”

So many great novels shared so far but we’ve plenty of room for more. Why not email us a post, a poem, a love letter, a video about a crime novel you love and want others to find too.


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